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“It is not the rhythm or ranking order of the pack that is the bond, it’s the understanding, trust, honesty and the closeness that is the true pack bond.” – Aella
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 The Four Bands

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PostSubject: The Four Bands   Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:53 am

The Bands

There are four total Bands in the Stained Rivers. They all have unique characteristics, territories, and regions that need specialized skills in. Based on the directions of North, East, South, and West, these Bands share one very large valley. Living in peace and respecting the territory lines, it's uncommon for Bands to fight. If there ever is conflict, it is usually based on expanding territory.

The Head Nobles

Leading two of their own Bands, at the moment, the Head Nobles are very highly respected wolves by all wolves, no matter their Bands. Once the female Head Noble, Aella of the Southern Band, has pups, she raises them to a the age of one year then passes them down to a Band. The Head Nobles will constantly check with each Band Noble for updates on peace and their conditions.

Female Head Noble: Aella (Southern Band)

Male Head Noble:
Inferno (Northern Band)

The Nobles:

Leaders of one of the four Bands, a Noble is highly respected by both the members they lead and the other Bands' members. As if they were an "Alpha" or "Dominant," a Noble can lead his/her "Band" separately and apart the other Bands on their own territory. A Noble is responsible for his/her members' training and attitude toward other Bands, and on the safety of their members. Nobles have the right to lead their Bands in their own ways, without any others telling them not to or how.

Northern Band: Inferno

Eastern Band: Claw

Southern Band: Aella

Western Band: Echo Song

The Territory Lines


What it takes to be a full member in the Band:

Northern Band: To get acceptance from the Noble Inferno you must have intelligence , speed, stamina and strength . If you don't have theses necessary skills you can get yourself killed ; don't worry if you don't have two theses required skills yet Inferno will gladly train you but if you don't have at lest two of the skills you will have train more to get in this band.

Eastern Band: To get into the Eastern Band, you’ll need lots of energy known as stamina, along with intelligence, tracking and some strength. Yet, you won’t only be tested with physical features, but also your loyalty and personality, to Claw, loyalty is very important. To get into the Eastern Band, you’ll need lots of energy known as stamina, along with intelligence, tracking and some strength. Yet, you won’t only be tested with physical features, but also your loyalty and personality, to Claw, loyalty is very important.

To become a full member of the Eastern Band, you will have to have great speed and stamina to run great and wide distances in the Cryptic Plains. Now, in the more rocky area of the Eastern territory, you’ll need all your strength to show that you can still climb high and keep up the speed and also to fight and defend yourself. In both areas, you need to have great tracking skills to find prey. Overall, you need great intelligence to do and get into this band. Once you’re in it, you won’t regret your decision!

Southern Band: The Southern Band is led by the Female Head Nobel of the Tainted Reality Pack, Aella. To be accepted into the Southern Band, you need extreme intelligence, you need to be swift and fast, and you need great tracking skills. If you aren’t very good in any of these, but you still want to be a part of the Southern Band, Aella will happily train you so you can be in her Band. Aella is highly respected by all the bands and their members, and she will go around at least four times a week, checking up on all the bands. Once you are good at all of these, she will proudly accept you into her Band, and you will continue to train for a certain rank that you would like.

Western Band: To become a full pledged member of the Western Band, your wolf must be strong, swift, and intelligent. You must be able to run for miles on end at your top speed, fight in the open without the protection of trees, and smart your way out of every problem. If your worried about the intelligence, it is basically knowledge in the territory and the ways of the wolf. To know the difference between a dreadful storm and a normal one is important, and to lead yourself to shelter is just as much.
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The Four Bands
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